Prevention and Real-Time Monitoring to keep your Business Secure

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Cybersecurity Support

Constant Threats require Dynamic Security Solutions

Learn the Brutal Truth with Risk Assessment

All businesses are exposed to cyber security threats.  DenPro provides a comprehensive analysis of your current systems, software, and practices to provide you with a detailed and honest risk assessment.

Define Protective Practices

Defending against cyber threats requires more than firewalls and virus monitoring.  Improper employee practices can open up an immediate outside threat.  DenPro works with your team to educate and implement safe practices from handling benign emails to storing critical data.

Deploy System-wide Monitoring

DenPro will setup the appropriate full-time monitoring software to keep you alert of any potential security breaches.


  • Ransomeware Prevention
  • Virus Monitoring
  • Employee Best Practices Training

Active Cyber Security Support Just a Click Away

If DenPro receives an alert of a potential security issue we work to contain the threat.

DENPRO’s Proven 3-Step Onboarding Process

1. Listen
2. Evaluate
3. Advise

Using a comprehensive onboarding process, we review your unique challenges and create a custom roadmap for success. This 3 step process allows us to learn about your organization and design custom results-oriented solutions

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Custom Solutions for a Complicated World

About DenPro

Since 2006, DenPro has been providing the best quality IT support as both an alternative and a supplement to in-house IT. DENPRO has carried on with that goal of delivering expert, dedicated support services ever since.

Today, DENPRO has grown into a company comprised of knowledgeable IT professionals that currently service and support 30+ clients in DC, VA, and MD, totaling roughly 3000+ employees, across 50+ sites.

DENPRO employs skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified IT professionals to service our clients’ needs. Find out what we can do for your business.

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