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  • Employee Setup / Exit Services
  • Full-time onsite IT options

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DENPRO’s Proven 3-Step Onboarding Process

1. Listen
2. Evaluate
3. Advise

Using a comprehensive onboarding process, we review your unique challenges and create a custom roadmap for success. This 3 step process allows us to learn about your organization and design custom results-oriented solutions

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About DenPro

Since 2006, DenPro has been providing the best quality IT support as both an alternative and a supplement to in-house IT. DENPRO has carried on with that goal of delivering expert, dedicated support services ever since.

Today, DENPRO has grown into a company comprised of knowledgeable IT professionals that currently service and support 30+ clients in DC, VA, and MD, totaling roughly 3000+ employees, across 50+ sites.

DENPRO employs skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified IT professionals to service our clients’ needs. Find out what we can do for your business.

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